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Well it all started when my mom met my dad, and the fell in love, and then they had me. Hi, I’m Morgan and my life is kinda crazy.

No but in all seriousness, here is a bit of a back story as to why I created Joe and Go with Mo.

I’m starting this blog right at the turning point of finishing up college and deciding what I want to do in this life. There’s an overwhelming amount of choices, yet committing just one feels like an impossible decision. As a tourism student, my world is surrounded by media highlighting travelers, in so many contexts. I hear about van life, work stay, backpacking, luxury travel, solo travel, the list goes on and on. And yet, somehow they all seem exciting and thrilling, and somewhat impossible. I’d like to think that even sampling as many of them as I can is better than choosing only one. I have been thinking, debating, or talking about all these travel ideas FOREVER, yet I never really make any of them happen.

So that’s what I am here to do: challenge myself to record my adventures. However, I do not want this page to be strictly about travel because adventures are not exclusive to vacations. So here are a few themes you might quickly notice in my topics: 

  • I strive to be a ‘granola girlie’ more than anything. (Hikers, backpackers, campers- please give me all your tips and gear recommendations!) 
  • I’m branching out in my photography journey, so you’ll probably hear and see a lot of that.
  • I cannot resist trying a new coffee shop. (It’s usually the first thing I look up about anywhere I’m going).  
  • I am so fascinated by sustainable tourism, so you’ll often find me discussing that in my travels. 
  • DOGS. If the destination is dog friendly, I will 100% be mentioning that (because those are details everyone needs to know, am I right?). 

3 thoughts on “Welcome!”

  1. I took your advice and went to a National Park last week. I went to Zion in Utah . It was absolutely beautiful. Thanks for the recommendation. I can’t wait for your next suggestion.

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