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Brilliant, booming bison: a drive thru experience

Morgan Navas | December 01, 2023

In search of a unique and free experience to escape the cold day, we set out towards the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge. This free to the public refuge area provides hiking, biking, and drive-through options to explore. The visitor center is open at select times of the week, but they always have informational pamphlets available outside for guests to snag. 

We opted to take the 11-mile loop of wildlife drive that is home to hundreds of species of animals and birds. We saw a handful of geese, white-tailed deer, and numerous types of birds along the way. In a past summer visit, coteries of prairie dogs stole the show, but this time around, the herd of bison was the real showstopper in my eyes. There was even a baby bison wandering with the herd that was adorable to watch! I’ve included some pictures of our furry friends here to enjoy:

I loved this experience because it allows you to get a front-row seat to some animals you may have never seen before, in a setting that is accessible to many people. Additionally, I think it is interesting that no two visits are ever the same, as seasons change, and different wildlife wander the refuge. And for any aspiring photographers, like me, I think it’s a fun way to practice some wildlife and/or nature photography. 

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