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Free Ways to Get Outdoors this Earth Day

Morgan Navas | April 22, 2024

Earth Day is a great reminder to slow down and appreciate all the goodness planet Earth provides for us. While we know, that every day should be considered Earth Day, here are some fun, cheap ways to get outdoors this year. While many parks opted to provide honorary free entrance for the holiday over the weekend, there are still plenty of ways to get some fresh air and beautiful views. 

  • Break a sweat
    • In whatever fashion you prefer, it is a great day to explore a new area, maybe via run, hike, walk, or even bike. And don’t be afraid to get others in on the fun too! A neighborhood stroll can be a great way to catch up with friends, entertain the kids, or get some extra energy out of the dog. I also find it fun to switch up the regular ol’ workout routine. Maybe you have a favorite at-home workout? If you have access, why not take it outside?
    • I’ve found meetup groups or adult sports leagues to be another great way to fill the social battery while also getting outside. It is important to always be smart when hiking with new people, but I’ve found group hikes to be a super rewarding way to get outdoors
  • Get creative with it!
    • Drawing or painting, no matter the skill level or difficulty can be super calming, and another great way to appreciate nature a little more. Taking a moment to really look at the world around you can unlock so much beauty you may have overlooked before. Get as creative as you want with it! 
    • Photography is another fun way to capture the world around you. Personally, I love to wander around my local nature reserve photographing all the flowers and wildlife. And maybe you’ll even snap the perfect photo for an Earth Day Instagram post! 
  • Giving back to Mother Nature
    • On this day of appreciation, many people like to volunteer to pick up litter around their community. Many places host these types of events, so be sure to look around in your area! 
    • Today could also be a good day to plan or start that garden you’ve been thinking of. Even just growing a few staple herbs in your window is a great way to start incorporating fresher flavors into your cooking. 
    • Research sustainability to find new ways to make your human footprint smaller.  Some topics to get you started might include, xeriscaping, composting, reducing food waste, or eliminating toxic products. 
  • Find the perfect park
    • Whether this be a local park or playground, a state park, a national park, or somewhere in between. Many parks offer specific free entry days or have passes available through library programs if you’re looking for a way to save some money too! While neighborhood parks are often free, some state and national park areas do charge entry fees, so know before you go! 
    • The activities you can do at parks can vary greatly between settings. Some are great for picnicking or lawn games, while others may be better suited for activities such as fishing or birding. 

As you can see, the opportunities are endless. So get out there and appreciate Earth Day, not just today but any, and every, day. Challenge yourself to get outside more, because the more time we all spend in nature, the more care we have about protecting our environment. And if you need an even greater challenge than just getting a little outdoor time every day, I recommend checking out the 1000 Hours Outside. They have tons of awesome resources on outdoorsy-related things and some fun trackers to track your time outdoors this year!

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